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Product Code:F821_20BZG
Dept:Special Occasion Gifts
Type:Wild Goose Studio



Woven Together

The knitting together of families and homes-  This beautiful framed piece makes the perfect wedding gift!

Ideal for a first marriage, or for a second marriage that is joining two families together.

The challenge of joining two people together, making a house a home, creating a happy family or managing a successful team is like that of weaving the reeds into a St Brigid&rsquos Cross, knitting together separate strands to form a beautiful and coherent whole. Each requires patience, skill and above all love.

Bronze woven St. Brigid's cross with our warm grey wood frame.  Woven together story is attatched on the back of piece.

From an original design by Kathleen Smyth, based on an early St Brigid&rsquos Cross.

Dimensions: 11 x 11 inches (28 x 28cm)