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Celtic Trinity Knot Small Silver Cross

 For centuries Celtic crosses have inspired designers and artists. These days members of ShanOres award-winning creative team are continually reviving these beguiling symbols in the form of stunning jewelry. This sterling silver pendant speaks of Irelands rich national history with its Trinity knot detail. In spite of its attractively rugged aesthetic the pendants lines and borders are carefully defined.


Thoughts on the Cross and the Trinity Knot

Visitors to Ireland can still witness the landmarks of an insular tradition born in the 8th century the construction of monumental stone high crosses. Though no certain evidence exists for the story the claim that St. Patrick lay the symbol of Christianity the cross over the pagan emblem for the sun the circle is a popular legend. Supposedly he wanted to convert non-believers by demonstrating to them the link between the spiritual and the concrete. The Trinity knot also known as the Triquetra was most likely a representation of the Holy Trinity centuries ago. Nowadays a person can attribute any threefold meaning to this shape in order to express his or her identity.

Active and Aligned

This cross might protect its wearer from misfortune. It might transport her back to a time when chivalry reigned. The cross could stand proud for her belief in the Christian faith the circle could announce her view that everyones human spirit is active and eternal. She sees herself as someone with many dimensions an individual who is not easy to limit by simple characterization. The artistry in this pendant appeals to her because it contains both symmetry and movement. While she is a creative sort she also likes logic and reliability. She appreciates the mystery and the structure inherent in this piece.