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Let your originality show with this enchanting pair of shamrock earrings. The piece features three glowing retro green stones with a sterling silver base. Atop of the shamrock connects a shining sterling silver earring hook looped through a hoop on the shamrock in a distinct manner.


The Luck of the Irish

A shamrock is a cherished symbol in Celtic tradition. The shamrock has been revered due to it being a three leaf plant and the ancient Celtic druids had a very religious approach to objects in a triad. Occasionally a shamrock is found with four leaves. These are rare and considered to bring great luck to the finder in respect love health and abundance. The shamrock is said to bring mystical powers such as healing of venomous bites and serve as warnings to approaching storms. The shamrock is associated with Ireland more than any other symbol.

To Be In Clover

A common Irish saying is “to be in clover” or to live a carefree life of ease and prosperity. Wearing a shamrock is a very tribunal act to the Irish tradition. Not only does it bring positive energy into your life in terms of wealth abundance health and love but it also undoes the malevolent magic of a leprechaun.