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The traditional Claddagh figure is presented with classic elegance in this 10k Yellow Gold Pendant necklace. Intricate details combined with soft rounded lines create a stunning display.


The Celtic Claddagh is a recognizable figure in art and history marked by its ever present hands heart and crown. Crafted with careful detail the arms of the hands features rounded edges and fine detail in the cuffs. Two gently open hands cap the ends of the arc signifying friendship carefully clasp a minutely fashioned heart meant to represent love. Atop the heart rests a detailed crown which completes the image with its representation of loyalty. All three ideas are necessary in any relationship and with their classic construction in this 10k Yellow Gold pendant they shine with elegance and grace. Gift this Claddagh pendant to a significant other or to a friend. Wear it for yourself with Celtic pride or to make a significant occasion or relationship mile-marker achieved on your own personal journey. However you choose to proclaim this Claddagh pendant necklace its simplistic beauty is perfect for daily use.