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Tralee Cross


The original of this cross design stands in the churchyard of the remains of the Muckross Friary.  Tralee is a delightful town nearby to Muckross.  Among the tones of the graveyard are those of the last king of Desmond, and O’Sullivan, MacGillycuddy and O’Donoghue, clean chieftains.  The cross itself is made up of many different knotwork designs.  The knot work symbolized eternal life to the Celts and the designs are seemingly inexhaustible in their variety.  The bird near the center is presumable a swan.  Birds, particularly water birds, were considered to be messengers between heaven and earth for they are equally at home on the land, the water and the air above.  It is not one of the very ancient cross monuments, but from a later period.  Its simplicity of design is very appealing.

Co. Kerry, Ireland

12 inches x 5 1/2 inches